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In my college years I came to appreciate the benefits of being formed by a high quality liberal arts education.  This broad knowledge base was helpful for increasing my ability to assess myself, relationships and life processes.  Eventually, I decided to major in Theology.  Somehow I had an awareness that knowing and loving God was a foundation to knowing, loving and serving his creation, especially other human beings made in the image and likeness of God. 

Less important, but significant for my own personal development and capacity to serve was a growing awareness that fathoming age related developmental agendas and how those aid in understanding what really happens within people’s psyche as they age is essential to helping them. This is particularly relevant to marriage and family, relating to children and parents, the world of work, navigating changes and challenges, and setting priorities. It was my impression that the greatest theorists focused on development across the lifespan, developmental crises and weathering transitions. With varying degrees of awareness, I have tended to focus on this lifespan trajectory in healthcare and education.   My work experience has been repeatedly cross fertilized through a wide variety of challenging jobs in different settings. Consequently as a young senior citizen, I am prepared to function as a generalist practitioner for New Life Counseling.


When visiting a college friend at his home in St. Louis around 1981, we spent time discussing psychology and social work with his father who was a clinical social work professor at the University of St. Louis.  Since he saw me spending so much time studying a book that was on his shelf, he gave it to me!  It was a publication by Erik Erikson who is probably most known for his 8 stages of psychosocial development

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When attending the LSU school of social work, I was impressed by the ramifications of systems theory and its application to formulating assessments and interventions through a “person in environment” model. By my early 50s, I grew to draft an online course entitled Being and Systems, to emphasize how much there is to every human being and what professionals, thinkers and caring people need to consider in our service to others.  People and their well being are important.

In a postindustrial, high tech society, people of good will need to acquire skills to align together to help each other navigate and positively reconstruct features of a difficult world packed with a tapestry of organizations and systems. We want to intervene to reduce suffering and increase our orientation towards doing good with a mind towards doing God’s will. This is a valuable developmental agenda for individuals and communities!
Effectively assessing the vast diversity of interwoven systems in our purview is challenging enough.  However, the health of many entities is threatened by long standing, often submerged immoral assumptions that affect the quality of people’s ability, purpose, character and capacity to develop. Often such dispositions are not explicit but deeply woven into submerged fabrics of existence. 
We do well to consider what it means for health of mind and body to prevail with the true freedom of Christian life.  In order to sustain progress, we need to often think of pathways for dismantling what is not good in ourselves and the systems we participate in. We are then able to build better systems on foundations that are less corruptible than before.

I have also drafted volumes of a work entitled Being Becoming: Thinking and Development.  The work is oriented towards identifying and expanding the fields of Interdisciplinary Ontology and Medical Ontology in order to reform psychology, social work, healthcare and education towards accepting more responsibility towards developing the Ontological Good which by necessity extends beyond three dimensional thinking. In this way, future generations may be more and more inclined to recognize and appreciate the good and be more responsible for developing in continuity with the vast spiritual and intellectual heritage of Christian metaphysicians, scientists, medical practitioners, literary figures and many others who have contributed to the betterment of the world. 

What do you think?

Working with someone caring, skilled and experienced — who understands the human need for God, healing, reconciliation and improvement can make a big difference!  Your integration, peace, motivation and development are very important to me!


NLC offers several venues of service including  teleconferencing from my home in Cordell and professional office space shared with nurse practitioner Lindsay Brooke Dlugonski, NP (located on 209 S 30th St., Clinton, OK 73601). She has agreed to see patients in a crisis in my absence.  Sometimes I will see patients in a private room at the library in Cordell and am open to providing services in schools, Churches, doctor's offices and patient's home (especially home-bound patients).

I am oriented to work with children, teens, adults and geriatric patients and have spent many years in counseling and education that justify this lifespan orientation.  I understand variables pertaining to assessment, evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of all age groups - and often stretch to update my orientation.  I spent the better part of 4 years teaching high school subjects ranging from Word Religions To Physics and have also done a lot of substitute teaching for earlier grades including elementary.  I held six TX teaching certificates (2008-2014) - from EC-12 Special Education to 8-12 Science as well as 8-12 Health Science Technology (Vocational Experience).  I have done a substantial amount of clinical and vocational development work with younger and older adults and have much experience in Geriatric settings.  

Currently, I tend to attract married couples seeking relief from mental illness derived from life stressors including dysfunctional marriage and family dynamics.  I also anticipate receiving referrals for children and families from Mrs. Dlugonski, NP, local ISD’s and the OK Department of Human Services.

I believe that many youth suffer from ADHD, OCD, depression, anxiety, anger management and other serious concerns.  They are often best served by understanding them as individuals and explicitly working on the problems as mutually assessed and processed.  Eating Disorders in teen girls is most often best addressed with Family Based Treatment followed by a focus on restoring ordinary weight and well selected developmental agendas.

My practice style is flexible and adaptive to meet patient needs though I tend to  integrate some form of CBT along with other modalities to include Pastoral / Holistic Counseling and some types of Psychodynamic  frames (generally more Jungian than Freudian).  For those who are goal or process orientated towards the integration of ‘best self along with improving and strengthening volition, I tend to derive approaches from Humanistic Psychology and Coaching Modalities with an emphasis on optimal motivation, increased energy, Positive Psychology and Solution Focused Counseling.

Therapy integrated with Pastoral Counseling generally moves towards a broad and deep Christian perspective that respects and sees values in most any faith.  I find the strongest affinity with those acclimated towards a Trinitarian perspective.  I personally am a Catholic and believe in the value of living a Sacramental life which takes the emphasis off personalities and potential problems in the Church and focuses on prayer and God’s supernatural help.

Looking forward to speaking with you!

Richard Waguespack,Jr.

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Dear Lord,

Please guide the beginning of our work and direct its progress to a great outcome!  Amen.

Note: Ontology is the study of being, becoming and existence.  It includes critical examinations to determine what is real.  Many believe good is much more real than evil and some believe evil is akin to nothingness. Though in some ways initiated by the Greeks and attended by eastern cultures, Ontology has had a long and fruitful duration in Christian metaphysics.  It is my belief that over the remainder of the 21st century it will expand into science, psychology, social work, education and other disciplines, including business.

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