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Let's talk about your situation and what you hope to accomplish!

Experience Transitional Life Coaching!

Innovative Problem Solving By RSW 

Coaching process

  • Examine Your Life Situation Holistically

  • Determine What Is Most Valuable And Meaningful To You

  • Evaluate Your Spiritual Life

  • Discuss Relationships

  • Share Orientations And Motivations

  • Consider What To Hold On To And Put Aside

  • Set Goals And Priorities
  • Make Some Plans!

Looking forward to hearing from you! –RSW

Vision Mission & Goals

  1.  Identify current challenges and your   orientation towards them

  2.  Discover core identity and motivations

  3. Take a careful look at your background, accomplishments, and current resources complete with advantageous ‘foundations’. 

  4. Develop An Action Plan For The Future!


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I am a responsible, innovative Counselor and Life Coach with a Christian orientation!

Phone: 580-500-8050

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