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Let's talk about your situation and what you hope to accomplish!

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Innovative Problem Solving By RSW 

Coaching process

  • Examine Your Life Situation Holistically

  • Determine What Is Most Valuable And Meaningful To You

  • Evaluate Your Spiritual Life

  • Discuss Relationships

  • Share Orientations And Motivations

  • Consider What To Hold On To And Put Aside

  • Set Goals And Priorities
  • Make Some Plans!

Looking forward to hearing from you! –RSW

Vision Mission & Goals

  1.  Identify current challenges and your   orientation towards them

  2.  Discover core identity and motivations

  3. Take a careful look at your background, accomplishments, and current resources complete with advantageous ‘foundations’. 

  4. Develop An Action Plan For The Future!

Notice:  Services to clients residing outside of the state of Oklahoma are provided by an unlicensed, independent, freelance coaching professional.  Coaching provided to residents of Oklahoma may fall under License of Clinical Social Work (LCSW).

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